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Wall Repair: dings, holes, water damage, etc.
Painting: touch-ups, small areas, a room, etc
Wall / Ceiling: hanging: pictures, mirrors, coat racks, etc
Plumbing: small leaks, removal and installation of fixtures, etc.
Electrical: new switches, new outlets, dimmers, review of potential hazardous electrical set-ups / overloaded circuits, etc.
Bathroom: re-grout, mold (usually in the bathtub/shower/ceiling), proper air circulation, toilet flushing properly, leaks, etc.
Kitchen: counter condition; dishwasher, fridge, stove, working properly; proper GFI outlets at counter level, etc.
Floors: wooden floor repair/water damage/missing pieces; tile repair, cracked/missing tiles, etc
Doors: hardware attached and functioning properly; locks; intercom, etc. Lights: bulbs; positioned correctly, etc
Lights: bulbs; positioned correctly, etc
Windows: locks functioning; seals intact; balances functioning....
Child Proof Home: child guards installed; stairwell fences; childproof windows, electrical outlets and cabinet doors.
General Repairs: please feel free to add any additional questions, comments or photos in your email.

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